Struggling to understand key microeconomics concepts in time for your exam?

We help economics students solve this problem, using professionally-produced videos and animations that explain key economics topics, one step at a time.

This 161-video, condensed, video-tutoring course is designed to let you master key microeconomics concepts in minutes.  Walk confidently into your exam and ace it.

This course includes 161 short videos, textbook references, condensed cheat sheets, and 44 quizzes to make sure you are on track.

Watch these videos and protect your tuition investment!

What you're getting:

A condensed video-tutoring solution that improves student grades and understanding of economics

Master the key microeconomics concepts for your exam

161 beautifully animated, short videos take you step-by-step through microeconomics

A solution to your pressing exam schedule

Test your knowledge with responsive, dynamically generated quizzes

Money-back guarantee: We are so certain that these videos work, that we guarantee you will pass your Microeconomics exam if you complete this preparation course. If you don't pass the final exam, just show us your grade and we'll refund the money that you paid for this course.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Learning Tools

    • Navigating Multimedia Files

    • Multimedia Quiz Map

  • 2

    Math Basics

    • Introduction to Lines

    • Slopes and Intersections

    • Curves and Fractions

  • 3

    The Basics of Economics

    • How Income Flows - Households and Firms

    • Opportunity Cost vs. Choice

    • Public Goods

  • 4

    Market Forces - Demand and Supply

    • Demand Curve

    • Giffen Goods

    • Supply Curve

  • 5

    Market Forces - Equilibrium

    • Market Equilibrium

    • Case Study - Green Space and Equilibrium

  • 6


    • Price Elasticity of Demand

    • Income Elasticity of Demand

    • Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand

  • 7

    Marginal Utility

    • Diminishing Marginal Utility

    • Case Study - Diminishing Marginal Utility

  • 8

    Consumer Choice

    • Indifference Curves

    • Maximizing Utility With A Budget

    • Producer Surplus Consumer Surplus

  • 9

    Producer Behavior Introduction

    • Comparative Advantage and International Trade

    • Production Possibility Frontier

  • 10


    • Elasticity of Supply

    • Price Intervention

    • Price Discrimination

    • Price Collusion

  • 11

    Costs of Production

    • Costs of Production

    • Marginal Product

    • Marginal Cost and Average Fixed Cost

    • Declining Average Cost

  • 12

    Labor Markets

    • The Firm's Hiring Decision

    • Why Wages Vary

  • 13

    Negative Externality and Taxes

    • Negative Externality

    • Taxes

  • 14

    Market Structures Introduction

    • Four Market Structures

    • Case Study - Gas Stations

  • 15

    Perfect Competition

    • Perfect Competition - Introduction

    • Perfect Competition -Profit Scenario

    • Perfect Competition - Minimizing Losses

    • Perfect Competition - Shutdown

    • Perfect Competition - Supply and Demand

  • 16


    • Monopoly Introduction

    • Natural Monopoly

  • 17

    Monopolistic Competition

    • Monopolistic Competition - Introduction

    • Monopolistic Competition Dynamics

    • Monopolistic Competition Equilibrium

  • 18


    • Oligopoly Introduction

    • Case Study - Airlines vs. OPEC

Money-back guarantee: We are so certain that these videos work, that we guarantee you will pass your Economics exam if you complete this preparation course. If you don't pass the final exam, just show us your grade and we'll refund the money that you paid for this course.

About the instructor

Program Director

Jay Moulton

I first learned Economics some time ago. I had no idea if I would pass that course or even survive Harvard Business School.  I found it tough sledding, but I survived and actually exceeded my expectations. So, many years later, when I had the opportunity to choose a college-level introductory course that would most benefit from short, broadcast animations and videos, I chose Economics.I’ve worked with hundreds of professors, teachers, consultants, PhDs, filmmakers, animators, and students to identify and illustrate the real-world economics concepts that give learners the biggest headaches, then to solve those problems with some of the best educational videos on the planet.As a corporate finance and turnaround specialist, I've successfully applied these principles to my own businesses and to others across North America.  I remain a trusted advisor to companies and have the capacity to add new clients.I promise you that, with your effort and these videos, we’ll help you exceed your expectations too.PS: If you have questions or want to schedule a call, please send me an email.

"The films have a fast tempo that respond to students' attention spans and will help many tremendously. The animations are clear, sleek and understandable."   Emilie Johnsson,  Student, Concordia University

"The videos are very concise and to the point...the application of real world examples makes them very easy to follow ... perfect length."  Ryan Besse,  Student, McGill University

"I think this effort is outstanding and I'm recommending it to my students."  Mike Fladlien,  Economics Teacher, Iowa

"These guys demonstrated time and time again, their understanding of what it takes to create truly successful and engaging educational videos."  Daniel Rivet,  Executive Director, Ideeclic

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